TheRENConf 2020 Schedule

8:30am     Registration Opens & Continental                       Breakfast Available
9:00am     Opening Plenary & Keynote

10:45am    Concurrent Workshop Sessions
                   11:45am - 12:45pm (Working Lunch)
                   1:00pm - 1:45pm

2:00pm     Closing Plenary with Keynote

3:00pm   VIP Post-Conference Mastermind                     Session with Special Guest speakers

9:30am     Registration Opens & Continental Breakfast Available
10:00am   Opening Plenary & Keynote

11:15am    Concurrent Workshop Sessions with Track Partners
                    12:15pm - 1:30pm (Includes Lunch) 
                    1:45pm - 2:45pm 

3:00pm     Closing Plenary with Keynote

4:00pm    VIP Post-Conference Mastermind Reception with                                Special Guest speakers

TheRENConf 2020 Schedule

Potential Workshop Session Themes

During the Concurrent Workshop Sessions you will have a choice between workshops developed to focus on one or more of the below themes. 

This theme takes on the heart of our original conference. It has been created to support the spiritual growth of all RENConf attendees and  prepare spiritual leaders to better reach a millennial audience. 

Eleven40Glory Faith & Leadership

Are you trying to figure out the whole wealth building and investment thing? Have you been asking what exactly you can do today to prepare for a better future? We've Got you! 

Wealth Building & Management

Do you have a business or a business idea? We can help bring it to life through tools that will help you launch like a BOSS! 

Entrepreneurship & Non-Profit Management

Knowing WHO we are is the beginning of doing what we, and only we, can do BEST! 

Personal Development & Leadership

Stay tuned to this section for confirmed workshop title and description updates. 

Skills for Success

Productivity 101

Tools for Marketing

Potential VIP Workshop Topics

Go Tall Empowerment with Dr. LaNise Rosemond

The Hustle, Health & Wellness

Millennial Engagement Roundtable

The Seven Mountains

Networking & Transferable Skills

Business, Partnerships, & Love

Brand Strategy & Narrative 

Financial Planning and Investments with MBA for The People

NonProfit Grant Writing

Balanced Portfolios & Financial Planning with Merrill Lynch

Real Estate Investments

Personal Awareness & Branding

Potential Workshop Sessions


We value providing the most valuable information to the least likely groups to receive it. We encourage people from all, and especially underprivileged backgrounds to participate in our programs and seek support. We aim to support women, racial, ethnic, and gender minorities, youth and young adults, foster youth in transition, older adults, and allies. 

the renaissance community development center